chapter  2
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Healing With Fire

The Use of Hot Glass in Art Therapy
WithJessica Woolhiser Stallings, Stephanie Clark

Hot glass techniques have intrigued artists since ancient Rome and Egypt, and today viewers of the Netflix show Blown Away are able to gain access into the hot shop through television (Bicketon, 2019; Reynolds, 1987). The new popularity of this art medium creates opportunity for individuals who would otherwise not have access to this costly and intensive craft, to try glass blowing and glass fusion with skilled artists. Art therapists can be at the forefront of introducing hot glass crafts to individuals who could benefit from the metaphorical potential of the art form and the cathartic and mindful practice of working with hot glass (Moon, 2010; Somer & Somer, 2000). This chapter describes the experiences of two art therapists who incorporated hot glass techniques in art therapy with participants with autism and those who are healing from trauma. Authors of this chapter present the potential benefits of using glass in art therapy as well as suggestions for art therapists considering using this exciting craft in their own practice.