chapter  Chapter 8
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Historical Sketches of Some of the More Prominent Members of the Illinois Association of Public, Accountants During the Period from 1891 to 1903

WithReckitt Ernest

This chapter gives brief sketches of a few of those members of their profession in Illinois who stand out in author memory as being the foremost leaders in the growth of their profession in the period from 1891 to 1903 and especially in connection with their work which resulted finally in the passage of the C.P.A. law in 1903. In a short history of those days it is quite impossible to describe the work of each and every one of those who so ably gave their time and mon’ ey. Inevitably in an organization of this character there were those who were more prominent in leadership than others, who from various causes had more time or opportunity to give of their time and money. By reason of author's own activities, he was able to make closer contacts with some members than with others equally worthy of notice, whom did not know so well.