chapter  Chapter 10
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An Account of the Organization and Activities of the Federation of Societies of Public Accountants which also Sponsored the First International Congress of Accountants Held in September, 1904 at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri

WithReckitt Ernest

The plan of organization of the Federation called for memberships of State Societies and not of individuals, and its government was vested in the delegates elected by the State Societies. The activities of the Federation were devoted to the organization of new State Societies of Public Accountants, assisting such societies in the passage of uniform C.P.A. laws and making the necessary preparations for a Congress of Accountants to be held in St. Louis, Missouri in September, 1904 on the occasion of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The international character of this Congress may be appreciated by submitting a list of the names of the guests who came from outside the United States: Francis William Pixley, past President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, the author of the well-known book on auditing. James Martin, the Secretary of the Society of Accountants and Auditors in Great Britain and Ireland. John Ballantyne Niven, representing the Scottish Societies of Chartered Accountants.