chapter  Chapter 11
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“The Auditor” and “The Journal of Accountancy”

WithReckitt Ernest

It is undoubtedly true that, as our profession grew in strength and numbers, some magazine would, in all probability, have been forthcoming and in fact it would have been absolutely necessary to have a mouthpiece of our professional activities and education. At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Society held August 22, 1904, consideration of a project for the publication of a magazine, which would represent the interests of our profession, was fully discussed and a resolution was adopted authorizing the appointment of two committees to assume the editorial control and to supervise its business management. At the meeting of the Illinois Society held on August 8, 1905, the affairs of “The Auditor” were discussed. The members were then advised that negotiations were in progress under which the publication of the magazine would be assumed by the Accountancy Publishing Company of New York not later than November 1, 1905.