chapter  Chapter 4
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The First “National” Association

ByStephen A. Zeff

A committee was appointed, a second general meeting was held, the Association was incorporated, a constitution was adopted, and a Council and officers were elected. The certificate of incorporation was filed on September 20, 1887. The Association was also the first organization to aspire to national coverage, but bulk of its members were in New York, and transportation being what it was, the Association had little to offer those in other parts of this vast nation. From time to time the Association was faced with competition of other national organizations, though they were short-lived. The certificate of incorporation of the American Association included as one of its objectives “establishing a high standard of professional attainments through general education and knowledge and otherwise.” In 1892 the Association began an effort to establish a college of accounts with degree-conferring powers, under the jurisdiction of the Regents of the University of the State of New York and the immediate guidance of the Association.