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Early Movements for Accountancy Education

WithNorman E. Webster

This chapter includes all presently known early movements for commercial education of college grade and in particular the circumstances which led to the establishment of the New York School of Accounts, the spiritual ancestor of the present flourishing school. During the next decade there were two other movements to provide education for business. In 1866, citizens of Milwaukee tried unsuccessfully to induce the regents of the University of Wisconsin to establish a college of commerce. On October 28, 1893, Louis N. Bergtheil, of the faculty, reported at a meeting of the Association that the New York School of Accounts was opened on October 3, 1893, and that regular sessions had been held since. The Board of Regents of the University have stood silent and aloof, not a word has been said about commissioning or licensing our members, and communications addressed to them on the subject of legalizing the profession by legislative; enactment have remained unanswered.