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Early University Education in Accountancy

WithJeremiah Lockwood

Forty years ago only one university in this country had a school whose major purpose was to aid in equipping students for careers in the business world. Accountancy as a business study has moved rapidly toward the front ranks of the business subjects during this period. Only a few years ago, following a survey of courses offered by University Schools of Business, Professor Bossard, of the University of Pennsylvania, said: Accounting is the most fully developed subject or field of study in our collegiate schools of business. In 1851 a school of commerce was incorporated in the University of Louisiana but was apparently abandoned in 1857. In 1868 the University of Illinois established a school, the name of which became the School of Commerce in 1870, to pre-pare men for the tasks of business. The School of Commerce of the University of Wisconsin offered a one semester course in 1900-1901 in Business Forms and Accounts.