chapter  1
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Locating Nehru in Contemporary India

WithBaljit Singh

An idea, institution and leader are products of socio-economic and political contexts, that always consist of certain things relevant in context of time and space but they also carry some elements of universal wisdom, which remains relevant for all time to come. Nehru was placed after Indian independence, and did something which has significance even in the contemporary scenario. Nehru is primarily understood through his three books titled Glimpses of World History, An Autobiography and The Discovery of India, all published before independence. In the economic domain, Nehru conceived, articulated and executed the mixed economy model/strategy of economic development. He was convinced that India would progress economically if the public sector and private sector coexist. To ensure India’s economic progress, Nehru opted for the planned strategy of economic development in which five-year plans were formulated and executed and each plan laid emphasis on a particular area/sector as required by economic necessity.