chapter  12
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Nuclear Technology and Nehru’s Outlook

WithSuneel Kumar

This chapter attempts to analyse Jawaharlal Nehru’s outlook on nuclear technology and its relevance in the contemporary world. Nuclear technology is a “double-edged sword.” It is hard to distinguish between the technology required for peaceful civilian purposes and the military application in manufacturing of nuclear weapons. Nehru had witnessed cold war and post-cold war violating the right to life, peace, progress and security of human beings and, in addition, nuclear technology becoming a critical part of war and serious violator of human rights. He expressed a strong zeal for establishing a peaceful world order putting it high on the political agenda of India’s foreign affairs. In the Cold War era, when the international community was under the threat of a nuclear war, Nehru’s outlook on nuclear technology received global attention. Accepting that war leads to armament and armament results in war, Nehru disliked both war as well as weapons.