chapter  8
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Nation-Building, Natural Resources and Regional Development in India: Revisiting the Nehruvian Vision

WithAmbrish Dhaka

Nehru defined a twofold strategy to attain economic change by addressing the natural resource utilisation in a major way that would bring huge economies of scale and enable the surpluses to be invested for greater economic wealth. Secondly, he was also particular about the vast mankind which hardly had any training that could be utilised for this cause. The role of natural resources in national growth was envisaged by Nehru as he attached greater importance to river valley projects. He believed if the vast hydel potential of the Himalayas could be optimally harnessed then the economic transform that is desired could be achieved. Nehru’s vision got ample focus in the First Five-Year Plan. India is endowed with the latest technological advances that have been ongoing as a perennial process of river valley development, which Nehru had envisioned as a programme for constant pursuit and monitor.