chapter  Chapter 11
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‘The Generosity Project’

WithBecky Shaw

‘THE GENEROSITY PROJECT’ is an art work in the form of a lecture. The lecture involves the projection of a series of slides, together with my verbal description of the making of ‘The Generosity Project’. ‘The Generosity Project’ arose from a strange series of events and it took me a long time to realize that the difficulties the situation continually presented were the most interesting and important keys to understanding an overlooked aspect of the contemporary social and political climate. The practices Rejinders describes are part of a century-long artistic heritage that seeks to close the gap between art and life and to posit art as a tool for social change. Recipients of ‘The Generosity Project’ (the lecture audience) often ask me what impact the work made on the subjects who appear in the work and the commissioners who can own it but not give it.