chapter  Chapter 13
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Home is Where the Walls Speak in Familiar Ways

Listening to the demands of ethics and witness in community performance 1
WithDevora Neumark

In the modest publication printed for the occasion of this exhibition, John Zeppetelli, one of the exhibition’s four curators and Project Director writes: Decarie is fundamentally a community-based exhibition project that grew out of the gallery’s longstanding desire to develop and enlist new audiences form the surrounding neighbourhood. Artistic practice can also create the conditions in which new stories can be constructed and told. Art can teach us, with the use of symbolic language, to bring flexibility to our memories. As with anything unfamiliar, conscientious practice can hone skills and strengthen abilities as long as we are careful to not let practice become habit. Understanding that creativity, violence, and the tendency to want to save others are intricately linked, means that we have to become conscious of our motives in creating art work that involves others as participants in the creative process.