chapter  Chapter 15
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Preferring a drama-based model for sustainable development advocacy

The Ikot Ayan Itam Theatre for Development experience
WithUbong S. Nda

This chapter reports on a practical experience in theatre and environmental sensitization, which took place in the village of Ikot Ayan Itam, in Itu Local Government Area of Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State. Ikot Ayan Itam, the chosen area for the project, is a highly populous autonomous community in Itu Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It is a large village with about thirteen thousand people. Ikot Ayan is a purely rural community. It has no electricity and no potable water supply system. It is almost surrounded by valleys and the roads are in a terrible state. One of the serious environmental problems plaguing this community is erosion. As a result of the undulating nature of the Itu topography, the soil is easily susceptible to erosion and landslides. Although some environmental problems are due to natural causes, especially where issues like topography are involved, research and general observations have shown that a great deal of them are man-induced.