chapter  Chapter 17
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Project: A tribute to tenants; Location: Kensington Housing Estate
WithGraham Pitts

A sizeable section of walkup flats (four storey buildings without lifts) were reduced to rubble, while another sizeable section of the estate felt like a ghost town as flats were emptied and boarded up for stage two demolition. The simultaneous process of relocating, demolishing and renovating meant no easy access to people and communities. Angela Bailey, Angela Costi, artsworkers, Kensington housing estate Jane Crawley consulted with the nucleus of a reference group of residents and community development workers at the estate. Excerpt from book reLOCATED Photographer Angela Bailey had studied in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne to study fine art and photography at the Victorian College of Arts. By 2002 a large amount of material had been gathered through the exhibitions, workshops, sound recordings, performances and many other contributions of residents.