chapter  Chapter 25
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At My Age

An intergenerational dance project
WithDiane Amans

In Spring 2004 Freedom in Dance, a UK-based community dance company, completed a video project called At My Age. Over thirty children, young people and older adults worked with choreographers and a film artist to create a short video which explored intergenerational relationships and perceptions of youth and ageing. An invited audience viewed a large screen showing the finished film and short sections of the dance performed live. Participants were recruited from local families and community groups in the Stockport area of northwest England. Some participants had previously taken part in community dance, others were new to the activity. Intergenerational projects present interesting challenges for the dance practitioner who facilitates them – particularly when all ages are together in the same session. Participants in the At My Age project commented on the fact that it challenged their perceptions of themselves and members of different age groups. Dancing together created relationships which helped them break down barriers.