chapter  Chapter 27
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Haunted voices in everyday spaces

The community-based hip-hop of Australian ‘guerrilla’ artist Morganics
WithRebecca Caines

This chapter examines Morganics’ community hip-hop by looking at his body of practice and then concentrating on two pieces he facilitated and produced. It deals with some questions about the responsibilities and problems inherent in the reception and response to this powerful and at times disturbing art work. The contemporary guerrilla artist aims to challenge notions of authorship, genre and control. They work with and mobilize space, and engage with radical politics where it intersects with the street, with the home and with everyday life. The ‘site’-specificity of Morganics’ community hip-hop thus also relates to the specificities of the histories, languages and voices which make up site/space/place. Australian theorist Linnell Secomb in her paper ‘Haunted Communities’, analyses Jacques Derrida’s idea of ‘impossible mourning’, a type of mourning which doesn’t reduce memories of one deceased to some sort of containment inside the self, but instead continually projects their presence, voice and desires into the future.