chapter  Chapter 29
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Philippine community theatre in the 1990s*

WithEugene van Erven

The two PRRM participants in the PETA workshop have secured permission for the visit from the village leaders. The trip, by borrowed bus, takes about an hour, partly over badly damaged dirt roads. The participants are divided into two groups and before they embark on their exploration, Ernie gives them some final instructions on how to conduct their interviews. Ernie finally reminds them that they are collecting raw materials for a theatre performance that should benefit Marinduque. Each participant makes a visual arts collage on a large sheet of paper, using newspaper clippings, colouring pencils, and the symbolic objects they have brought back from exposure site. It gives them a chance to reflect on the experience. The play, entitled Ginto sa lilan, Putik sa Karamihan, opens with a striking movement piece to express Marcopper spill. Judging by the Marinduque workshop, PETA’s BITAW method is a transparent and effective way to create community plays with youth groups in the rural Philippines.