chapter  Chapter 4
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Community arts practices

Improvising being-together
ByPetra Kuppers

This chapter offers a contemplation not (only) of a community of minds, but of co-habitation, embodiment and enworldedness as necessary aspects of a thinking towards a coming community. Philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy provides theoretical tools to consider community beyond self/other relations. In The Inoperative Community, he configures community by thinking about the way that being-together can resist and deconstruct dominant power relations, which attempt to weld the process of being-together into a fixed state. Depression and other mental health symptoms are also common in Wales, one of the poorest regions in Britain. Nationally and internationally, though, mental health issues in the countryside are marginalized – mental health has become increasingly focused upon as an urban problem, one associated with the rise of modernity’s social arrangements and alienations.