chapter  13
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The Livre de l’advision Cristine

WithLiliane Dulac, Christine Reno

The Livre de l'advision Cristine presents something of a paradox: although its autobiographical content is familiar to anyone who knows about Christine de Pizan, the work itself has never enjoyed significant popularity, even though, as Charity Cannon Willard opined with good reason, it is the most interesting of her allegories. Christine shapes information about herself in a much more artful form than her contemporaries, developing her self-portrait on two levels. A detailed autobiography takes up nearly half the third part of work, where the narrator "Cristine" relates to Lady Philosophy/Theology a life story that biographers have retold for centuries as that of Christine. A small number of critics have deemphasized the autobiographical elements of the Advision in favor of a political interpretation. Joel Blanchard, although not denying the importance of the autobiographical aspects of the work, has described them as valorizing the figure of the poet and, in that way, authorizing the writer's entry into the arena of political discourse.