chapter  16
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Modern Editions

Makers of the Christinian Corpus
WithNadia Margolis

Christine de Pizan's popularity among English readers, together with the relative inertia of French academic publishing toward her for reasons both worthy and irrational, effectively skewed her editorial afterlife. Jean Boivin de Villeneuve signed himself "Boivin le Cadet" to distinguish himself from his more colorful older brother, Louis. Mile de Keralio's presentation of Christine's works embodies both the feminist and encyclopedic tendencies of her time. Her approach is certainly not philological; she relies on early printed texts—even the 1549 prose edition of the Chemin de long estude, rather than on good original manuscripts, for her substantial citations from several of them. Raimond Thomassy, early in his career, managed to tear himself away from such subjects as archaeology, geography, salt mining, and hydrology to compose his Essai sur les ecrits politiques de Christine de Pisan in 1838: the first known monograph entirely devoted to Christine, and also the first book-length critical anthology of her works.