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Master’s-Level Education in Business Marketing: Quo Vadis?

WithJames A. Narus, James C. Anderson

The decade of the 1990s has brought considerable changes to master’s-level programs in business worldwide. In response to the global changes and absence of published information, the editor of the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing (JBBM) asked us to examine the state of master’s-level pedagogy in business marketing. The authors intend to contribute to knowledge of business marketing in several ways. First, they try to estimate the number of business marketing courses universities offered in the United States. Second, through exploratory research in North America and Europe, the authors gain some understanding of those topics that graduate-level instructors cover in their business marketing courses, and the teaching materials (textbooks and cases) that educators commonly use in those courses. Finally, drawing on these findings and discussions with business marketing colleagues, they offer some recommendations for improving the quality of business marketing education.