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Master’s-Level Business Marketing Education: A Commentary

WithEarl D. Honeycutt

Business marketing classes are seldom mainstream in MBA programs. Graduate students who concentrate in marketing normally complete such standard courses as marketing management, strategy, new product development, and marketing research. Only when qualified faculty are available are business marketing classes offered, and this may be as an infrequent elective. The overall goal of the remarks is to broaden the business marketing education debate. Perhaps a graduate text would improve the ability to deliver higher-quality instruction in business marketing, but unless instructors who currently teach in the area are surveyed, it is difficult to draw this conclusion. It would also be beneficial to have access to additional business marketing cases and current information about happenings in specific industries. The instructors provide a list of standard topics covered in class, such as buyer behavior, pricing, segmentation, channels, marketing strategy, etc. It is apparent, from the responses, that such current topics as reengineering and cross-functional teams are interspersed within the course.