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Making Business Marketing More Prominent: A Reply to Commentary

WithJames A. Narus, James C. Anderson

Making Business Marketing More Prominent in Master’s Programs: A Reply to Commentary marketing should be of paramount interest to the increasing number of students who aspire to be consultants. One of the key points we make in the paper is that educators must expand the scope of their business marketing courses to include contemporary management topics such as business process reengineering, working relationships and business networks, and cross-functional coordination. Category managers spend far more time sustaining working relationships with superretailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Safeway; managing logistics and inventory; and providing support services to resellers than brand managers ever did. Widely known, “user-friendly” teaching materials in business marketing, and an active network of business marketing academics and practitioners to draw on will encourage and help those interested marketing professors to develop graduate courses in business marketing.