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Technology in the Classroom: Teaching Business Marketing in the Twenty-First Century

WithRichard P. Vlosky, David T. Wilson

This chapter discusses the technology-driven instructional methods and prognosticate how teaching marketing will be redefined at the university level in the future. It addresses issues and comments relative to marketing instruction in general. Educators can apply the technologies to the teaching of both consumer and business-to-business marketing. Since the invention of writing there has been a continued passing parade of new technologies, each of which it is claimed has the potential to “revolutionize learning.” A study of technology use by marketing students suggests that students consider the technology-based sources to be important to business professionals but attach a relatively low rating to their skills at acquiring information through these sources. Technology services, with support from electronics, maintains the classrooms and provides training about how to use the technology. Each of these classrooms is networked to the School of Business Classrooms local area network with a complete array of software available.