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Technology in the Business Marketing Classroom: A Commentary

WithCarlos M. Rodriguez

This chapter discusses the marketing educators the opportunity to analyze and evaluate the positive impact of technology in education and learning. It also discusses the alternative educational technologies available as advanced technology classroom developed initially by IBM, integrated software, the Internet, and distance learning to enhance the learning experience. However, it falls short in connecting how these technologies may be used to enhance the learning experience as a process. Marketing requires that students develop critical thinking capabilities. It emphasizes knowing and comprehension of concepts, application skills, and analysis, organization, synthesis, and evaluation. Still, there is tremendous need for one-to-one interpersonal encounters to build knowledge and skills in the marketing students of the twenty-first century. Instructional technology strategies for the classroom should blend with a process that starts from a concrete experience which induces reflective observation. Later, students develop comprehension and analytical skills following the development of abstract conceptualization generally through processes that foster synthesis.