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Technology and Learning in the Classroom: A Reply to Commentary

WithRichard P. Vlosky, David T. Wilson

Professor Rodriguez makes an excellent point in reminding us of the importance of the “identification of student learning styles” in designing successful educational strategies. “Learners must choose to learn; learning is a responsibility that cannot be shared”. Teachers cannot force students to learn; we can only punish them for learning what we teach. The knowledge, skills, and values that comprise the educational experience define the curriculum. The educational climate defines how students and teachers define meaning in the curriculum. The process of how the course will proceed may place a heavier burden upon the learner to engage in more autonomous discovery learning. The climate is a major influence in the rate of integration of technology into curricula. The cost of providing computers, networks, and access determines the rate of adoption of technology. New twenty-first century curricula may be products of interaction between learners and teachers.