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Business-to-Business Marketing Textbooks: A Comparative Review

WithKlaus Backhaus, Katrin Muehlfeld, Diana Okoye

More than half the graduates of American business schools will work in firms that are active in business-to-business markets. Yet, some years ago, it was estimated that less than 6 percent of these graduates would take a course in business-to-business marketing. This chapter focuses on the academic side of the problem, although some practitioners may also find the assessment helpful. The objectives of textbooks on business-to-business marketing, as formulated in the literature, form the basis for this study. First, the fundamental objective of any textbook is to convey knowledge. Second, above and beyond the pure transfer of knowledge, a business-to-business marketing textbook should promote the development of cognitive capabilities. Third, if used in a course, a textbook is arguably the core teaching instrument, sometimes complemented by additional materials as, e.g., case studies.