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Comparative Review of Business-to-Business Marketing Textbooks: A Commentary

WithGul Butaney

Business-to-business marketing faculty members and the authors of the textbooks stand to gain from the comparative review, which is done quite objectively and impartially. The faculty member gains insight on the textbook selection decision variables as well as the issues surrounding the determination of business-to-business marketing content, approaches, pedagogical direction, and the overall course mission. The issue of conceptual complexity is especially relevant and important, as it is likely to be present in business-to-business marketing textbooks. Both the quantity and the sophistication of the relevant published research findings as well as information technology-related business-to-business marketing concepts, business models, and practices have increased sharply. The challenge of creating a book with such a specialized focus, e.g., value creation and relationship marketing, would be how to adopt the core processes and marketing fundamentals covered in the previous editions of the textbook to best implement the specialized focus.