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Comparative Review of Business-to-Business Marketing Textbooks: A Commentary

WithMichael D. Hutt, Thomas W. Speh

The comparative analysis of business marketing texts presented in required a significant investment of time and we commend the authors for their effort and systematic approach. The design of a textbook should mirror the organization of a course, particularly at the undergraduate level. To instill a focus on organizations as the unit of analysis, special attention must be given to the similarities and differences between consumer goods marketing and business marketing, the types of customers that comprise the business market, and the forces that drive business market demand. As leading-edge organizations such as General Electric, Dell, and Honda adopt more sophisticated purchasing approaches, business marketers must respond with well-conceived and timely strategies. To meet the challenges of new competitors, to respond to the changing needs of existing customers, or to carve out enticing new market opportunities, a range of strategic processes are involved at the product market, business unit, and corporate levels.