chapter  13
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Reporting and Editing

WithThomas Dickson

This chapter outlines strategy for assessment to include a three-stage process: planning, implementation, and system feedback. The assessment plan allows a unit to assess while avoiding the problems of quantitative tests. The plan can be used for evaluating individual units within a course, entire reporting or editing courses, a block of courses within a particular program, or the program itself. The chapter utilizes the purpose of assessment to refine course objectives, modify course content, and improve instruction for the purpose of increasing student learning and retention of course information. It deals mainly with assessment activities involving the first two rings (program components and entire programs), although results from that assessment are important to evaluation concerning the third ring (the organizational unit) as well. The “what” of assessment is the competencies that are the basis for devising goals and instructional objectives. A number of journalistic skills are needed for reporting and editing.