chapter  15
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WithEdd Applegate

This chapter proposes specific curricula in advertising education by examining advertising education’s history, and the development of its curriculum. In 1898 the University of Missouri, which had been offering courses in journalism for at least 2 decades, offered a course in journalism-Newspaper Making-that provided information about advertising. The course emphasized advertising and publicity, as the following description from the university’s catalog illustrates: “The methods now practiced in the organization and conduct of the selling branch of industrial and mercantile business. In 1912, for instance, the Associated Advertising Clubs of America created a Committee on Standard Qualifications of an Advertising Man. Johenning and Mazey of the New York Institute of Technology surveyed presidents and managers of advertising agencies across the nation to determine the ideal curriculum for an undergraduate advertising program. The chapter concludes with a description of assessment criteria appropriate for the proposed curricula.