chapter  2
32 Pages

Integrated Communication Programs

ByWilliam G. Christ, Jeffrey M. McCall, Lana Rakow, Robert O. Blanchard

This chapter presents case studies of integrated communication programs. It describes the program and assessment procedures at Trinity University where the department bas integrated mass media subspecialties. The chapter describes the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at DePauw University where speech, media, and theatre are integrated under one major. It explains the University of North Dakota’s School of Communication, which bas integrated its program around three key issues: community, information, and technology. An integrated communication program allows for the study and performance of human messages across a variety of contexts grappling with central issues. Integrated communication programs can point to specific academic turf to claim as their own, and demonstrate how understanding of this turf is essential to the education of any liberally educated person today. Assessment in the integrated communication program poses different challenges than would be found in more narrowly focused programs.