chapter  6
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Media Literacy

WithSherry Wulff

This chapter presents an initial conceptualization of media literacy and its development within an innovative college context. It focuses concurrently on the construction of a shared understanding of media literacy across the curriculum as well as on the initial positioning of media literacy within an ability-based curriculum. The chapter profiles Alverno’s approach to assessment-as-learning and provides a sketch of media literacy assessment within a discipline course. Currently media literacy education in the United States, unlike Canada or Germany, remains in the beginning stages of development and effective practice, yet it is slowly gaining recognition as a viable component in general education. In higher education the progress toward the incorporation of media literacy as an essential ability in higher education appears minimal. In February 1992, the media literacy subcommittee, informed by a synthesis of readings, began drafting a rationale, definition, and criteria for media literacy development and assessment within the Alvemo College context.