chapter  9
24 Pages

Information Gathering

WithAlan M. Rubin, Rebecca B. Rubin

This chapter identifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that communication students should have for gathering information. It describes print and electronic sources that students need to access. Students should know what types of sources exist, what sources are most useful, and how to use these sources. The chapter discusses information sources and suggests how the authors might assess students’ skills, knowledge, and attitudes about using the sources. It recommends some methods of assessment within a student’s program of study. The chapter addresses the means of using print and electronic resources to identify and to locate people to interview. It outlines some basic elements of search strategies and developing competence in information gathering. The chapter identifies four main skills: searching, evaluation, note-taking, and Internet skills. It identifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that can help assure mass communication students of research success; and the classes that can enhance competence.