chapter  Chapter 3
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Biliteracy As Social Practice in Schooling: A Bilingual First Grader’s Journey in Learning to Read and Write in L1 and L2

WithBarbara M. Flores

Throughout the world, biliteracy is a common social practice in and out of schooling; in fact, multiliteracy and multilingualism are common social practices. In the United States there are many Native Americans and immigrants speaking many languages other than English, including native Spanish speakers who are descendents of the Spanish and Mexican rulers who once occupied what is now the southwestern United States as their nation. Today, we experience biliteracy on television, the news, the radio, packages for purchased commodities, and medicine labels, and in subtitles for movies, airports and airplanes, songs, books, stores, and so on. We are living in a global society that is not only biliterate but multiliterate. If this is so, how do we in the United States promote everyday biliteracy in schooling as a social practice?