chapter  4
24 Pages

External Input Identification in Distributed Parameter Systems Using the Boundary Element Method

WithKatsuji Uosaki, Kohzaburo Ohnaka

Recently, a new idea, called the boundary element method (BEM), has been introduced in the field of structural mechanics. In this chapter, the authors apply the idea of BEM to an identification problem involving the external input in a distributed parameter systems. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the applicability of the BEM approach for external input identification. Using fundamental ideas of the BEM-integral equation corresponding to the given partial differential equation and boundary partitions-the reader have developed an identification method for the external input expressed as a sum of point forces. The solution of the integral equation at several reference points is computed by using the BEM, and then the locations and magnitudes of external input are identified. Numerical simulation results demonstrate the applicability of the BEM approach. This approach is so simple in mathematical formulations that it is easily applicable to external input identification of more general distributed parameter systems.