chapter  7
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Spectral Regions and Special Applications of Internal Reflection Spectroscopy

ByFrancis M. Mirabella

The use of internal reflection in other spectral regions and in alternative configurations thus opens a wide range of applications not available in the mid-infrared region of the spectrum. Accordingly, a wealth of unique information can be obtained which is not accessible from measurements in the mid-infrared spectral region. The lack of references to work in the near-infrared, like the scant references to such work in the ultraviolet and visible regions, is notwithstanding the availability of good high index of refraction materials useful in these spectra regions. Large enhancement of the Raman scattering signal has been observed in the total internal reflection configuration by coating the internal reflection prism with a metal such as silver, platinum, or gold. Typical studies involve the adsorption behavior of biological substances in aqueous solution, such as proteins, with solid surfaces, notably quartz, with a view toward understanding and controlling such interactions.