chapter  14
36 Pages

Comparison of Experimental Methods for the Determination of the Partition Coefficients of n-Alcohols in SDS and DTAB Micelles

WithD. Gerrard Marangoni, Jan C. T. Kwak

456Micelles are often used in applications because of their ability to solubilize nonaqueous solutes that are originally insoluble in an aqueous solution. Micellar solubilization is an important facet of current studies in micellar systems, and is an integral part of a number of processes including detergency, drug delivery, tertiary oil recovery, and micellar catalysis. Many experiments have been used to determine the degree of partitioning of nonaqueous solutes between aqueous and micellar phases. In this chapter we will compare the distribution coefficients (Kx values) obtained from many different techniques, and we will examine closely the partitioning of some typical solubilizates (n-alcohols, benzene, and benzyl alcohol) between aqueous and micellar phases, as determined by a number of different methods, in two well-studied surfactant micelles (SDS and DTAB). Finally, we will discuss some of the assumptions of an NMR experiment which may be used to examine solubilization equilibria in a number of aggregated systems, including surfactant micelles.