chapter  1
30 Pages

Overview and History of the Study of Solubilization

ByConnie S. Dunaway, Sherril D. Christian, John F. Scamehorn

In this introductory chapter, a historical background of solubilization is presented by referring to various review articles, books, and monograph chapters that trace the development of the present understanding of the solubilization of organic molecules and ions by organized surfactant assemblies. A general description of the typical solubilization behavior of ionic micelle/solubilizate systems is included. In addition, methods for 4reporting and representing solubilization results are described. The solubilization and activity coefficient isotherms for three prototype solutes (hexane, 2,3-dichlorophenol, and benzene) in CPC (N-hexadecylpyridinium chloride or cetylpyridinium chloride) are summarized. Solubilization in other types of surfactant aggregates besides ionic micelles is briefly discussed. The last section of this chapter provides a guide to the organization and contents of the chapters included in this monograph.