chapter  5
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Solubilization in Mixed Micelles

WithNagamune Nishikido

The articles concerning the solubilization phenomena in mixed micelles were divided into two groups according to the approaches used for the investigation: (i) the microscopic (spectroscopic) method to obtain information on the location and/or the microenvironment of a solubilizate in mixed micelles; (ii) the thermodynamic approach to describe the micelle-water distribution equilibria of a solubilizate in mixed micellar systems. 144Most of the reported microscopic investigations are fluorescence studies and have been summarized in Sec. II. The present status of studies concerning the micelle-water distribution equilibria have been outlined in Sec. III.A. In addition, synergistic solubilization effects in mixed micelles have been discussed; thermodynamic equations that describe these effects were proposed and the predictive ability of the equations was examined by applying them to different cases of the mixed-micellar solubilization (Sec. III.B).