chapter  7
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Kinetics of Solubilization in Surfactant-Based Systems

WithAnthony J. Ward

Interfacial mass transfer kinetic measurements require the simultaneous monitoring of interfacial area and volume as a function of time. Few experimental methods that have been applied to the study of solubilization kinetics have been well-defined in these terms. The drop-on-fiber and rotating liquid disk methods are described, which provide such definition 238for dilute systems in the former case, and more concentrated in the latter (concentration being defined in terms of the amount of oil solubilized per unit volume of surfactant). In the case of highly dilute alkane systems, the mechanistic information indicates a concerted surfactant monomer adsorption-desorption step being rate determining for solubilization. A complex situation dependent upon the rheology and total amount of oil solubilized is found for systems where the amount of solubilized oil in the surfactant solution is high.