chapter  Chapter 11
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Infrared Sampling Techniques Training

WithThomas J. Porro, Silvio C. Pattacini

Small laboratories either did not have infrared instrumentation or they used analytical service labs until they could justify obtaining their own equipment. Large universities and colleges then benefitted from relatively large government funding of research instrumentation which to a lesser extent continues today. Large and small teaching schools obtained equipment commensurate with their funding capability for their organic and physical chemistry undergraduate courses. Most manufacturers of infrared equipment provide various user training courses for much of their instrumentation; however, the content and schedules for them are not as publicized as the others. In most cases, the user of particular equipment will take advantage of the specific vendor for training. However, included here is a listing of the various vendors of infrared instrumentation with their addresses and phone numbers so that one can obtain directly from any company any course information available.