chapter  Chapter 8
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Quantitative Analysis — Avoiding Common Pitfalls

WithSenja V. Compton, David A. C. Compton

This chapter addresses the issue of obtaining spectra and calibration information, and investigates the issues which affect the capabilities and limitations of quantitative analysis by infrared spectrometry. The establishment of criteria to be met by a quantitative analysis procedure is often overlooked by the analyst. It is extremely important to carefully control both temperature and pressure when performing any quantitative analysis upon gas phase species. Also important to the discussion of quantitative infrared methods of analysis are the instrumental conditions needed for good quantitative analysis. High analytical precision and accuracy cannot be obtained if the spectrophotometer is not performing properly. Atmospheric carbon dioxide and water vapor have significant infrared absorption bands which can adversely affect any quantitative analysis method which use measurements in the corresponding spectral regions. Therefore, sealed and desiccated units should be inspected on a routine basis to make sure that the desiccant has not become saturated.