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Photodetection and Photostatistics

WithM LE Berre

One can attempt to derive some information of the field from the measured random properties of the photoelectron process: this is the object of photodetection theory developed first for classical fields. This chapter presents a review of photodetection theory, quantum theory and population monitoring model. It discusses two interesting applications to photostatistics. The photodetection equation is used to classify quantum and classical fields. The chapter presents an example of collective antibunching of photons. The double random character of the photodetection process prevents a simple correspondence between the statistical properties of the intensity and the statistics of the photocounts. However it is more instructive to connect the photoelectron process with the quantum nature of the electromagnetic field. Although the problem of photodetection appears to be satisfactorily solved for free fields interacting only with the detector, a heuristic model permits evolution of the detected field during the detection process.