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Moving Mirrors and Nonclassical Light

WithS Sarkar

The framework for the theoretical analysis of the quantum fluctuations in a Michelson interferometer is not entirely satisfactory. As the mirrors are on springs they are free to move; they can move owing to impinging gravitational waves or the force due to radiation pressure. For the gravitational wave detector the problem is compounded by the need for self-consistently determining the mirror position from the dynamics of the radiation field and the gravity waves, and the mirror position affects the radiation field. This chapter isolates the role of a predetermined mirror motion on the radiation field within the cavity from the interrelated effects. It may be possible to simulate the action of a mirror by using an optical nonlinearity to change the refractive index of a thin strip of dielectric. The effective movement of such a ‘mirror’ could then be very much faster than that of a mechanical one. Unless the mirror motion is effectively relativisitic the effects are small.