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Propagation of Nonclassical Light

WithI Abram

Classical optics describes quite successfully the propagation of laser light, both in free-space and inside a transparent medium. On the other hand, neither classical optics nor the conventional formulation of quantum optics can address adequately the propagation of nonclassical light. Nonclassical states of light are usually described by second-quantization operators acting onto the vacuum state of the radiation field, and the corresponding expectation values of the electric and magnetic fields are often zero. Clearly, the description of propagation of nonclassical light requires a direct quantum mechanical treatment of the spatial progression of the field operators. This chapter outlines the main features of propagative quantum optics, and examines more particularly the treatment of propagation through a linear (refractive) medium, and across a refractive interface. In order to facilitate the discussion of the physical ideas, a plane-wave propagation geometry, which greatly simplifies the mathematical treatment, is used.