chapter  Chapter 1
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WithA. Desmond O’Rourke

From the beginning, the authors primary focus has been on the Japanese market. The first session of the conference focused on understanding Japanese consumers and the food distribution system. A second session focused on understanding the marketing system for major agricultural commodities. Dr. David Youmans described the efforts of Cooperative Extension to prepare the Washington beef industry for liberalization of the Japanese beef market. The last talk of the session, by Suzanne Callender, focused on the Japanese wine market. In a third session, the focus shifted to demand for various key commodities in Japan. Dr. Danna Moore described the changes that have taken place in the Japanese wheat market as demand for white bread has declined and demand for specialty breads, cakes and confectioneries, and Chinese noodles has grown. Dr. Thomas A. Lumpkin reported on two new products being developed for the Japanese market.