chapter  Chapter 10
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What If Japanese Wheat Imports Were Liberalized?

WithDanna Moore

Japan is Washington State's largest wheat market and is also the most important international market for white wheat's end-use characteristics for manufacturing. Japan's trade in wheat is controlled by the Japan Food Agency. Understanding Japanese demand for Pacific Northwest-produced white wheat involves an understanding of many aspects of the world wheat trade. Importers of wheat into Japan have criticized wheat from the Pacific Northwest because it lacks uniformity. The sociodemographic characteristics in Japan are changing dietary requirements and the overall demand for food products. For the last 20 years, Japanese families have experienced an increase in economic well-being, with increased personal disposable income and decreased food expenditure as a portion of the household budget. Noodle consumption in Japan has shifted from consumption primarily of Japanese wet noodles to consumption of almost equal amounts of Japanese wet noodles, Chinese noodles, and instant noodles.