chapter  Chapter 11
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Japanese Preference for Bakery Food Ingredients

WithYeshajahu Pomeranz

By baking the reconstituted flours at different protein levels, it was found that protein content was significantly and inversely correlated to baking quality. They were summarized as follows: US Western White, Australian Standard White, and Japanese wheats are used for milling soft wheat flours that may be divided into three general categories-low-protein flours of various extractions for confections, Japanese-noodle flours, and all-purpose flours (including family use). A comparison of milling and analytical characteristics of Hard Red Spring and Hard Red Winter wheats was the subject of a study by Endo et al. Okamoto et al. reviewed fatty-acid compositions and physical characteristics of bakery margarines and shortenings on the market in Japan. Results of fatty-acid analyses indicated the main material oil or fat to be a vegetable liquid oil in all brands of liquid shortening, a laurin oil in two types for frozen dessert, and a palm oil in the other three for frozen dessert.