chapter  Chapter 14
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Washington Wagyu: A Beef Breed for Japanese Tastes

WithRaymond A. Jussaume, Raymond W. Wright, Jerry J. Reeves, Kristen A. Johnson

This report describes the efforts of a team of researchers who have confronted this deficiency by developing project to blend Wagyu genetics and Japanese-style feeding practices into an American system to furnish beef products more suited to Japanese tastes than traditional US beef exports. Similarly, any explanation of research project geared towards producing a type of beef more suited to Japanese tastes must begin with an analysis of Japanese consumer demand for beef. One of the main questions to be answered by this part of the Wagyu study is how these Japanese cattle grow and develop. It is thus vital to evaluate carcass characteristics of the progeny of crosses made by using the major available beef breeds and the Wagyu. In order for producers to make the most efficient use of the Wagyu genetics currently available in the United States, it will be helpful to isolate those Wagyu bulls in US that have offspring with the highest marbling ability.